Payroll Services

Does anyone have a payroll service they’d recommend? The two I am looking at right now are Zen Payroll and Waves.

I’m just a single developer, but still need to run payroll for tax purposes, so I’d like to keep the cost down.

Treehouse uses TriNet, although that looks a bit…heavier than Zen Payroll and Waves. I think I’ve seen TriNet mentioned on my Twitter feed by some other well known companies/founders, though.

I’ve used both Paychex and SurePayroll (owned by Paychex.)

Paychex is the biggest bunch of incompetent boobs I’ve ever experienced. They cycle young college-aged kids in and out of support positions so fast you spend almost all of your time explaining the same situations over and over, or, worse, like I did, threatening to sue them for double-applying for EINs or for sending paperwork 4 months late so the IRS is sending you (me) collection notices…

I just switched to SurePayroll. Their web interface is painfully out of date, and they still do a ton of everything over email/phone… it seems much less fresh and new than the ones you linked. But, so far I’ve been pretty satisfied… I got the recommendation from the LessAccounting guys, whose recommendation I definitely trust.

Of course the day before you posted this I went with Paychex. Options seemed very limited in MA.

Hopefully I won’t be in a lawsuit soon :slight_smile:

I just wanted to share my recommendation: Intuit Online Payroll. It’s relatively cheap and handles all the tax stuff.

I had the Bank of America payroll service, which was even cheaper, but they switched everybody over to Intuit and now charge an extra fee. It still integrates with the B of A online account, which is nice.

I am currently using Waves and honestly am about 1 more hiccup away from dropping them.

First incident was that they miscalculated taxes for payroll then skipped pulling taxes for one then pulled double taxes for the next. They did notify me that they made a mistake but did not clearly explain how that mistake would play out on my employees checks.

Second incident they made an update which changed that payment date for my employees so they got paid 2 days late…

Third incident there was an error with the ACH deposits and my employees once again did not get payed on time. The most frustrating thing about this was that my employees had to tell me that they did not get paid instead of Wave reaching out to me saying there was an error and if I’d like to pay by check to meet my pay day and skip ACH.

To their credit they did comp my account several months free for their mistakes and is the reason Im still with them, and I do like their overall interface. So just a heads up that their payroll service is new and has had some bugs.

We’ve used Surepayroll for a few years, no complaints. There’s a bunch of new payroll providers in the market including

Dear Jackson,

My recommendation is payroll software developed by SummitTech. I know the name is less heard and less known, however, numerous companies and businesses in Singapore are using this software with utter satisfaction. Being a web based software, it has an easy user interface offering seamless customization and elegant modules that will encompass almost all your expectations and country specific compliance needs.

I use ZenPayroll and it’s awesome! Takes care of all taxes, direct deposits, etc.

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I can’t recommend Zenpayroll enough. No issues, super easy to use

For one person, is it perhaps better simply to hand this over to your accountant to take care of?

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My wife who takes care of everything money-related uses Xero.

Sometimes I’ve had to go into Xero (particularly when helping it with CSV files, bank integration etc.) and I’m always impressed by the user experience side of things (which is pretty rare for me… my wife hates watching me go near any web-based form, as I seem to have an allergic reaction to most of them)

I’ve been using ADP for the last year-and-a-half and am now moving to JustWorks.

Payroll in one state isn’t that big of a deal. Payroll across multiple states quickly becomes a pain, so I was looking for a PEO that would take care of compliance and all of the paperwork. I thought ADP would, and they did some things, but I still ended up having to do quite a bit myself. I’m hoping that JustWorks does what ADP didn’t.

I’ve got some clients that use Zen Payroll. And they’re very happy with the service.

Have you heard of Payroll Services? It is a cloud-based software tool. The users can use it from anywhere and anytime. It is easy to use. You can use it by paying small monthly fees.