Payment processor for B2B

Can anyone suggest a good payment processor for B2B sales? I would like to use a payment processor to simplify tax compliance etc. but no-one seems to be set up to handle B2B. They all treat B2B as a form of B2C.

I need:

  • subscriptions allowing payment by check/ACH(USA) and other electronic payment methods i.e. not restricted to credit cards
  • a purchase order process that fits with business PO process, i.e. provide a quote that can be used by a business to set up a vendor and create the PO.
  • subscription renewal by PO.

It’s very frustrating to try to find someone, because they all SAY they support purchase orders, but then they don’t have a process to provide the information to create the purchase order.

Or they all SAY they support subscriptions and check/ACH payments, but you use them together.

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As you don’t say at which payment processors you looked, I don’t know if you know Fastspring. They support at least some of your requirements.

Thanks for the reply.

I used FastSpring a few years back, I think they have been bought out since then. But my experience was that they supported none of these requirements.

I had long email exchanges about purchase orders with them, and they couldn’t get their head around the large company purchase order process,
i.e. a purchase order is a promise to pay for goods, and they will not issue a purchase order until they have satisfied themselves that they can (legally and practically) pay you. That may mean providing taxation information (W8/W9), setting up a payment method in their system etc. as well as pricing BEFORE a purchase order can be issued.

FastSpring could only supply this information to the customer AFTER the order was entered.

Have a look at payproglobal.
We sell a perpetual licenses(not a subscriptions).
And we have some customers who prefer Purchase Orders.