Patio11's 10 Years in SaaS talk from LTV Conf 2016

Until 1st January 2017 you can get free access to Patrick Mckenzie’s session from Life. Time. Value. Conference 2016. You’ll be able to watch the video, download the audio and slides and/or read the transcript:

Disclaimer: This is from the conference I ran in July in Brighton, England. (The next one is on the 19th April 2017). And I’m afraid you’ll need to create an account with an email address to get free access. But once you’ve registered you’ll have access to this session forever.

The week between Christmas and New Year has loads less work distractions than the rest of the year. If you’re considering using that time to bootstrap something I strongly recommend you take 30 minutes to watch Patrick’s talk first. Amongst other things he covers:


  • His darkest hour running a SaaS business.
  • Why you shouldn’t run a software company as your first business.
  • Why being a SaaS entrepreneur is like being a cardiologist.


  • What you really need to make $10K/month.
  • The saddest story from conferences he’s attended.
  • How to decide on the price for your first product.


  • How to price books for professionals.
  • The four things that work for everyone selling B2B e-books.
  • What’s your repeatable sales strategy?

Productised consulting

  • How to sell your services as a product.
  • Three good options for productised consulting.
  • What to do when a potential client says you’re too expensive.

Avoiding a traditional Job

  • How to get closer and closer to a business that achieves your goals and fits your values.
  • The glide path to doing a SaaS from being a consultant.
  • Why you don’t have to share Silicon Valley’s perspective on what success means.

This is excellent! Thank you.