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Paginated forum?


(I know, I know, it’s a lousy first post…)

Is there a way to paginate this forum?
I’d like to browse the forums and read all the interesting stuff, but keeping the tab opened just to keep my scrolling position position is a little aggravating.

Other than that, excellent podcast! :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably not: https://meta.discourse.org/t/what-s-with-the-bump-down-page-loading/2965/5


Discourse always returns you to your last read post in a topic. What did you want to do?


I wanted to read all the topics (threads).

Say I read 20 topics in a day, well I would have liked to be able to “know” where I was for easy access at a later date.
On a classic forum I could just check the page and come back to it later.

On discuss however, I have no idea how to do that. I just scroll down and stuff appears.
“Loading more topics…”

I have no idea where I am in grand scheme of things. Is there only 10 topics left, or 240?
How can I return to a previous scrolling position?


Discourse always remembers your last position in every topic you enter. There is nothing to do here, it is automatic. When you re-enter the topic you will be placed at the last thing you read.

As for overall topic progress, look on the bottom right of the topic for the topic progress bar. It is bright green and updates in real time as you scroll.


Yes, but I’m talking about the topics list.


Oh sorry I didn’t understand that.

By default Discourse begins tracking topics when:

  • you reply to the topic
  • you spend 4+ minutes reading the topic
  • you started the topic in the first place

To track every topic you enter (most users don’t want this, so it is off by default) enter your preferences and change “automatically track topics you enter” to “always”.

You may also want to change the definition of “new” there, which defaults to “topics created in the last 2 days”


No… I don’t want to track the topics… I just want to know where I am. :frowning:

Here’s a typical forum. The list of all the threads (topics):

And now here:


True, we do not show progress within a topic list. I guess because almost nobody asks for it. This is sort of like asking how many pages of search results you get in Google; does it matter? Either what you want is on the first few pages of scrolling, or you refine scope and try again.

That said, you can go to the categories page to get counts of how many topics arrive in each category in a given time interval.


Ah, I see now. We must use forums differently.

I go on Google because I’m searching for something.

On a forum, I want to read the discussions around a theme.
For example, here it’s bootstrapping. It’s not like Google where I know what I’m looking for. On the contrary, I’m reading this without a particular goal in mind. It’s interesting to see what questions other people have, because I might have never thought of it! (Consequently, I could not have searched for it.)

I suppose I’m one of the rare few doing this…


We could show some kind of progress in the topic list, but generally it’s always assumed to be effectively “infinite”, that is, unless the community is tiny it is collectively generating thousands upon thousands of hours worth of topics. More than one person could read in a lifetime, and that’s assuming they didn’t have anything else to do…

I guess we could prioritize the display of topic list progress a bit more, I am not opposed to it or anything, but almost nobody ever asks for it. Seriously! :slight_smile: And we practice complaint driven development for the most part.

So people browse and scan, and enter those topics that seem interesting based on the title. If they don’t see anything interesting, they keep scrolling, or try a different category.

The best advice is to try the categories page if you want to slice the topics up a bit more:



Hey @Frozenlock thanks for hanging out. Since you’re new I just want to clarify that @codinghorror is the maker of the forum software which is separate from us who run the bootstrapped.fm site. We’re along for the ride on the software end, but appreciate your feedback.

I have noticed your issue as well. I think it’s probably a bit particular to our kind of board which is focused on information that may make you money :slight_smile: and so is perhaps more interesting/worthwhile to dig through than pictures of pimped out '97 Honda Civics.

I wonder if a view that allowed you to hide all the topics you’ve already read would allow for a similar experience in a more Discourse-y manner. Though, again not sure if for the Discourse base as a whole that would make sense.