OverVue - Bring order to your daily project management chaos

Overvue.xyz Landing Page

All, I am about to come out of Alpha into Private Beta. The landing page was basic to grab some interested users a few months ago and may not represent where the app is at…anyway

The idea here is a green/yellow/red/blue reporting system with the ability to call out to other users to notify them you need to their help in ‘n of time’. Reminder and Recaps of each channel are included. It also features collecting
events from Github, Bitbucket, JIRA and Trello.

What makes OverVue different is that it is not trying to replace your project management software, but compliment it to tie your work flows together and collaborate around the reports. I’m sure this will be a tough sell, and not easy to gain traction, but I feel it will help manager’s and teams out tremendously in planning/reporting daily.

Here’s a quick screen grab…

Honestly, your landing page doesn’t do a good job explaining the benefits of the product. I don’t need to know what methodology its based on and the explanation, just tell me what it does and what it solves. Although, I feel there is a weight in the problem you are solving (if I am not misunderstanding it) (15Five also seems to be doing something similar) but the interface and the color coding honestly seems to be very confusing.

Again, I am not a manager or your target audience, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

You’re right, the landing page does need some love now that the product has direction. I have made some minor adjustments right now.

I can see similarities with 15five, but this is really going at the fact that basecamp, agile/scrum don’t do enough to shape the collaboration and help efficiently. Maybe there isn’t merit to the idea, but I feel like a beta waitlist of over 100 showed something. Yes, I know many many products that launched slowly had orders of magnitude of that, and still had trouble iterating. :confused: