Overnight success in just 3652 days

My friend @benedikt published a tale of him launching his product StageCMS.
It took him merely 10 years, so there are plenty of lessons in the article.



++ for @benedikt - a great guy with a great story. Looks like great software really does take 10 years!

I don’t know about that–maybe learning how to build and ship something people wanted took him 10 years. But we can clearly find examples to the contrary :wink:

  • Baremetrics
  • Drip
  • Bidsketch


Great article, though.

Yeah, I think we can all learn from negative examples as well - right?

I personally love the stories that are not all roses and rainbows.

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I’m clearly not the best example about how to launch a product. I learned a lot of stuff the hard way and only discovered communities like this one, blogs, books etc in the last 2-3 of years. Glad you liked the article :slight_smile:

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I dunno, Dave. Rob had a long, twisty road to get to Drip. Josh learned from his early successes with the Apple blog and the toy biz. Ruben went the lon way 'round as well, if I recall.

But OK, by the time they went into those businesses with all that hard-won knowledge, I’ll grant you that the software DID come around in record time! :stuck_out_tongue:


@Christopher I guess it all depends on where we start counting, right? In Rob’s case, there were several businesses before Drip. Since Benedikt was talking about this one product, I looked at the comparison on a product-to-product basis. But yes, the hard won knowledge is the key, regardless of when we start measuring here. :smile:

@benedikt: Well, we all have stories about failed products if we’re trying. Myself included. I’m just glad you found success and have a great story to tell on the other side.

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So I still have a year or 2 to go before I launch http://cadfindreplace.com.au/ …the earliest version I can find is at http://cadbloke.com/2011/08/18/cadtools-the-early-years/ - it’s the top one. Cool, I can slack off a bit.

NOT. Yeah, it is hard winning the knowledge. There are some shortcuts but some things can’t be cut short.

Thanks for the article.

Damn good story.

I also bought the audiobook he mentioned. xD