"over 50% of developers are willing to take bitcoin as payment"

Continuing the discussion from Announcing Blocks today:

Is there a citation for this?

I’d find any number over 5% to be shocking.

The person who made that claim is, for lack of a better term, a “bitcoin salesman / consultant”.

I think the actual number is closer to 0.00%. My source? Real developers need to eat, need to pay rent, to travel. If I’m living in the real world, I want to be paid real money.

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Well I guess you both have been proven wrong. I don’t want to derail this topic, but if you want to speak to why bitcoin isn’t a real money I would gladly have a friendly debate about it in another thread.

Thank you.

Oh please don’t let this discussion board descend into lots of Bitcoin discussions. Please, please, please.


It was a self selecting survey. It even says so down below:

It’s possible that the most enthusiastic bitcoin supporters were the most motivated to respond to the Truth in Motion survey, which would have skewed the results.

And then they try to quote a PR firm, which thinks that a self selecting group may not be biased because " the membership covers a fairly wide cross-section of IT firms", as if that would overcome the bias.

I agree. First the growth hackers, now the Bitcoiners. Who’s next? :smile:

The survey asked “would you be interested” not “would you accept”.

I’m interested in accepting bit coin and other cryptocurrencies but wouldn’t accept it as payment until the platform matures. I guess that was asked in the survey but still, something smells off about this.

90% of developers I know don’t even have a wallet or wouldn’t know how to open one.

Didn’t mean to start a heated discussion.:wink:

I am sorry there so much hostile towards bitcoins, being a bitcoin angel investor, 3 time bitcoin business starter and being apart of the bitcoin community for over 3yrs, I was hoping to learn much from this forum especially after much validation from square, overstock and VC’s. I guess we still have a lot to prove.

Thank you all for weighting in.