Outsourcing leads and sales dev?

So I need some outbound sales that is predictable. Like call 100 phone calls, get one sale or something like that.

I am really bad on the phone and I would rather pay someone to read my script and get leads.

In fact what I really want is to outsource the sales and lead gen part, both if possible.

Any suggestion is welcome.

http://leadfuze.com ?

At least for the lead-gen part. You’d still need to close it, or get someone to.


I don’t mind doing that part but I admit it’s outside of my comfort zone, if I could get someone to do it I would pay for that.

Have you thought about outsourcing to a call center? It’s our job to make sales for other people. You could have a wonderful script, but if you can’t deliver over the phone then kiss that sale goodbye.

leadfuze were unable to provide services.

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