Outreach strategy from Goodlinks

Hey guys! One of the things that we are doing a lot of with Goodlinks is helping people to put together a content/outreach strategy to help them reach and pitch influencers in their niche.

We thought it would be fun to offer to give some free strategy advice here. If you’d like some advice/feedback, just let us know:

  1. Your URL
  2. Any outreach that you’ve attempted to date and whether it’s worked out or not

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Hi Kalen,

I work with TechInsurance.com and would love your thoughts. What do you think?


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Hi Kalen,

I’m with www.browseemall.com maybe you would like to take a look?


Taking a look at some of the competition, I’m seeing some links that I could see you guys getting. hiscox for example has some links from mashable and marketingprofs.com - not to say those would be easy but I think probably within range for you guys given that you already have a pretty nice footprint.

Seems like hiscox gets a good number of links for the surveys that they do. I could see how that might be a good strategy to go with given that as an insurance company you’re basically in the business of having data across a wide spectrum of businesses - so there’s probably lots of ways to repurpose that for interesting content.

I know that I was in the market for business insurance maybe a year ago and I found it very hard to find information on specifics. i.e. as an email marketer, how can I get covered for can-spam compliance stuff.

Seems like you could reach out to bloggers that are talking about a given topic that startup founders are consuming and pitch them on writing about the insurance angle for that kind of business. For example, as someone that’s into email marketing, I’d read content from email marketing experts. If they had a guest blog post on their site talking about insurance considerations for email marketing apps, that would be super relevant to me. Could do something similar across pretty much every vertical.

Hey Daniel!

Cross browser testing - interesting! Okay so I’m checking out browserstack and I noticed a link they have from an open source toolkit - http://dojotoolkit.org/.

One strategy that came to mind would be to reach out to open source projects and offer to get them setup with testing for free. I’m not sure if that’s feasible for you as far as your pricing goes.

The nice thing about that is that there would be some real value that you’d be offering to their projects. And even though they might not even be commercial products, they would likely have some great domain authority (who doesn’t love to link to cool free open source projects!).

So I could see you being able to get some great links from open source projects by offering to set them up with free testing. Especially if you can target projects that don’t seem to already be doing automated cross browser testing.