Our first recruitment software hope it can help recruiters

Hi guys,

We are developing a completely new recruitment software - Jobdeck (http://jobdeck.co/) and it aims to help recruiters to place candidates faster.

We plan to launch at the end of 2015. I would like to know if there any good place to promote our product before it is launched? We posted on betalist (http://betalist.com/startups/jobdeck) already.


Patrick, hi! I am working on an app as well and over time was gathering ideas on ways to promote it. Few useful resources that contain huge lists of places to promote your web app and gain early users:


Would you be willing to share how well the betalist submission did for you?

Hi Irina,

Thank you for your links! I also want to share mine as well!
I think betalist is great and definitely it is a good place to start with! After we are listed on betalist our email subscription increased more than 30% which is awesome. I also tried to list on different sites too but the feedback is not as good as on betalist.

After you submit your application on betalist, it requires 2+ months to process (or you can pay USD 99 to fasten the whole process) so you may want to list as soon as you can! Good luck