Other bootstrap related podcasts

Listening to the Bootstrapped.fm podcast has got me hooked on podcasts, so I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for further listening. I know about:


But does anyone know of any others on similar topics?

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Those are great ones. I really enjoy these too:



I’ll second votes for StartupsForTheRest and BootstrappedWithKids (both great)

Also checkout: Patrick McKenzie’s Kalzumeus Podcast

Also also, post MicroConf and BaconBizConf a bunch of us setup our own HipChat Room at: http://www.hipchat.com/gSRqvomAa - and have now started podcasting at: http://www.ourownlittleaccelerator.com/

The chatroom is pretty much a live version of this forum and if you come in and are cool we’ll probably put you on the podcast as well.



@mbuckbee just listened to your latest podcast, good stuff, you’ve got some interesting people on-board.

Thanks for the other links I’ll check them out. Bootstrappedwithkids.com looks like it could be for me.

I like Unfinished Business. While not strictly about bootstrapping, they do cover the issues related to running a small business very well.

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Big fan of Unfinished Business, too. Interesting topics and the hosts’ chatter is nice to have on while working.

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Thanks for the BWK mention @andyjohnson and @mbuckbee.
Patrick’s is so meaty, its really good.
No Mixergy on this list?

Oh, and @patpohler just started http://www.flyover.fm. It’s off to a great start.

Thanks for the mention Andy! We got another ep coming up on Thursday. And I’m very interested in hear from some bootstrappers to interview for future episodes!

Love this topic, got some listening to do!

http://releasenotes.tv/ is worth a try for info on the iOS market.

If you try BWK, stick with it past the first couple of episodes, which aren’t as good as the later ones.

On a couple of podcasts I’ve noticed one host is discussing issues mainly from a business perspective and one is coming mainly from a developer perspective. It can make for illuminating mismatches when the two hosts talk with each other, helping me understand the difference in thinking needed to be a bootstrapper.

Techzing isn’t specifically aimed at bootstrappers, but they talk about related issues. And it is quite entertaining.

http://www.bootstrappedwithkids.com/episode-33-using-linkedin-for-lead-generation/ This episode had what seems to be a great introduction to making to most of LinkedIn if you have business software or a business service to sell.

Another good round up of bootstrapped podcasts is at http://www.startupclarity.com/blog/podcasts-for-bootstrappers-and-solopreneurs/

It includes a couple that aren’t mentioned here that I enjoy such as Jason Cohen’s Smartbear podcast.

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I am a huge Mixergy fan!!!