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Optimizing For Product-Market Fit


Hey Bootstrappers!

We’ve just published the first talk from Business of Software Conference USA 2018, and it’s one that I think could be really useful to you. It’s by Rahul Vohra, the CEO/Founder of Superhuman, about how to measure and optimize for Product-Market Fit. Rahul explains how they used this method at Superhuman, and lays it out so you can use it too.

You can watch the talk or read the transcript here - it’s a brilliantly practical 30-minute talk, followed by a 30 minute Q&A where the attendees really dug into understanding how Rahul’s framework could be used in different situations.

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Great talk. Does anyone use Superhuman?


I thought about trying Superhuman and probably would have jumped at it back in the day…but now I use email so infrequently, I couldn’t justify paying $30/month.


You lucky, lucky man! Quite jealous.

Is that because you use Slack for team comms or have you found another way of connecting with people?

I get a ton of inbound email, (of variable quality!) and also use it to communicate with others. It seems like the industry standard for most important but not necessarily regular exchanges. While there is a huge amount of spam, it seems to be a fairly accepted way of doing business.


Small team (~3.5) so slack works well. All customer emails are routed through HelpScout…so I guess the volume is normal, but it doesn’t hit my personal inbox. :slight_smile: