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Operation Get Profitable, Day 1 of 8


For some reason Discourse won’t let me link to my blog, but if you go to jasonswett.net you can see an update on OGP.

Things are going well so far. Long story short, I got a new customer yesterday. This means I’m 50% of the way to my goal of getting 2 new customers and I need just 1 more customer to be profitable. Also, Snip’s monthly revenue has gone from about $60/mo to about $110/mo, so I broke that 3-figure milestone.


Try again … I bumped your status in the system.


Thanks. Here’s the link: http://www.jasonswett.net/operation-get-profitable-day-1-of-8/


Respect for doing the unscalable thing of getting them a new PC to get that early win! I don’t think you’ll regret that…


Thanks. I’ve actually had to provide 3 different salons so far with computers in order for them to be able to become Snip customers. It’s kind of an interesting demonstration of the wildly uneven adoption of technology.