Online mentoring

I’ve been thinking about the idea of online mentoring recently. I feel like I’d like to maybe mentor developers or founders that are earlier on in their career.

Also thinking about building a site of some sort to facilitate this. Did a bit of searching around online mentoring and there don’t seem to be awesome options readily available.

Of course there are forums like this where you can get advice. But I’m imagining something a bit more direct / intentional.

I’ve heard a lot of people say that you should just reach out to people that you want to receive mentorship and advice from. But my hunch is that most people are probably a bit shy to do that.

And sometimes you feel like you’re imposing if you reach out. So I think it would be powerful for mentors to somehow indicate their availability / the types of things they’re willing to help with.

There are communities like fizzle that are amazing. Maybe they’re already solving this problem. Not sure.