On Bootstrapping Planio to $75k/month in recurring revenue

Our CEO at Planio was interviewed on Indiehackers.com about maintaining a strong product vision, experimenting with pricing, and bootstrapping Planio to $75,000/mo in revenue.

I thought you might find it interesting because Jan talks about how we automate a lot of the business, shows the exact revenue growth since 2011 and how Planio got its first customers.

You can read the interview here: https://www.indiehackers.com/businesses/planio

I’d love to hear your thoughts :slight_smile:


A good read. I like the growth curve: linear, not exponential, and extremely consistent. That’s a sane way to grow the business, and exactly how I want things to go with my new product.

From the article:

“Therefore, my advice is to register a national trademark”

I lived in Germany when I started Poker Copilot. Almost every German I told about my product asked me, “have you registered the trademark?” Outside of Germany, no-one has ever asked me that…

I’m always amazed at how reasonably priced lawyers are in Germany. And I think the result of this is that it’s pretty cost effective to sue in Germany, so enforcement is much higher than in Ireland, for example.

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Trust me, I could write a separate article about trademark issues I’ve either had myself or that I’ve witnessed very closely. If you don’t own the trademark you’ll end up having to change your name – that’s my experience, in Germany at least.

Congrats! That’s an awesome milestone. :raised_hands: