Olark + phone: what do you use?

Little bit of a nuts and bolts question. Does anybody use Olark on their marketing site and have it hooked up to their phone? Which XMPP app do you use on your phone? I’ve only found one that I would consider acceptable (IM+) and lately it doesn’t notify me of messages unless it’s open, which renders it useless. Wondering if anyone else has found a good solution to the whole Olark + phone thing.

Tried lots and never found one that worked well for me

Not Olark, but I’ve been using Intercom Acquire with their mobile app and it’s been pretty nice for chatting with visitors.

@jarcoal Nice! Thanks. I had not heard of it but that sounds great. I’m a user of the regular Intercom.

Yeah I would give that a try. More expensive than Olark, but will tie into the rest of your system.

How did you get the “Ask us anything…” text to show up?

Customizing welcome message. It’s the text box to the right of the one circled in the screenshot.

Thanks. That worked for me.