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October 2016 income report ($1580)


I decided to post my first-ever income report for Angular on Rails. Here’s the link: https://www.jasonswett.net/october-2016-angular-on-rails-income-report/

I’d be curious if anybody has any suggestions for what I should focus on next. There are a billion little unrelated things I know I need to do but I feel like I want a single big direction to be heading in as opposed to just crossing miscellaneous to-dos off a giant list.


I’m actually going to also piggyback off this post to invite people to criticize my website if anyone feels inclined.

I have a hunch that my website has massive room for improvement, and I’m aware of certain specific ways it needs to be improved, but I’d be curious to hear the fresh opinions of others.


My first reaction is to work on increasing your traffic and subscribers. With already having a book launched you should have tons of content that could be repurposed for blog posts, email signup bonuses, etc. Even if you just started adding blog posts around common problems customers are emailing you about.

I’d also look at where the 7,900 originated from. With tech topics you could be getting a ton of traffic from countries that just can’t afford your price point and it’d be worth confirming that.

Just my 2 cents of course and your mileage may vary :slight_smile:


Interesting. I wouldn’t have imagined that anybody would suggest focusing on traffic. Something to think about. Thanks.


Maybe spruce up the website a little… darn it’s plain jane…

When I look at learning from a web developer, especially front end stuff, I want to see his expertise in action on his own website… Maybe it’s different in the Rails world, but I think Jeffrey Way makes a good living because of his well crafter site and his involvement in Laravel core development …

So I think you are off to a great start and obviously people see value in your material because if you sell books with that website, I can’t imagine what it would be with a sexy front end…

Just curious, I am going to hypothesize (is that even a word…) here… are your customers typically an older Rails programmer that likes the no frills approach to your to the point info? What about would be aspiring web developers that want to learn rails and angular… are they attracted to your product as well? I would think they would need a more inviting presentation… but I could be wrong…

One thing for sure is like you say… there are many things you can do and I don’t think you have but scratched the surface of this…