NYC Meetup June 22, 2015 7pm

I’ll be in NYC for a couple of weeks. I get there around June 20th. It is the last stop on my seven month circumnavigating-the-globe-while-running-a-bootstrapped-company ordeal.

I propose we have the second annual Bootstrapped NYC summer meetup.

Who is in?

I could potentially meet up in NYC in late June. However I’ll be out of town weekend of June 20. Available June 22 or later.

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I’ll be in NYC on the 22nd. Should be able to do dinner that night.

June 22nd is good for me too.

What is a good venue?

My current plan has me available around 7 down by Houston (House-ton) street. Maybe that’s too far downtown if others are coming in. Could meet in mid-town closer to grand central.

What about the same sports bar where we held the first annual bootstrapped NYC summer meetup in 2014?

I’d love to meet up, too. June 22nd works for me.

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If I’ll be in town on that date, I’m in.

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Those of you interested what about this place? Got good reviews on Yelp. Not too far from trains and such, near where I’ll be staying.

Also FYI I’ll be going to the 4pm showing of Goodfellas that Monday if you’re interested :slight_smile:

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The pizza place sounds good. And I’m up for Goodfellas. Maybe I can learn some business lessons from it… :smile:

I’m in for 22nd at that pizza place. Meeting time?

7pm. I’ve updated the thread title to show that.

Sweet, should be fun. Bootstrappers Unite!

Sweet! I’ll be there.

Just to confirm the details:

We’ll meet at 7pm on Monday at:
B Side Pizza Bar
370b West 51st

My phone number, just in case, is 415-980-9513.

Ian, my girlfriend wants to come to Goodfellas, too. Shall we meet outside the cinema ten minutes before the film? Will we need tickets in advance, or buying them at the time will be okay?

Hey, 10 minutes before works for me. I purchased mine ahead, I’d probably just but it online to be safe though I think at 4pm it probably won’t sell out.

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