Notes from MicroConf Europe 2014

Hi folks,

I took a bunch of notes at MicroConf Europe 2014 last week.

Have fun & I am here to answer any questions you might have:



Thanks for putting these notes together, they are great.

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Great notes Christoph. You have becoming the unofficial MicroConf transcriptionist. Any chance you’re coming to Vegas in the Spring?

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Nice, thanks for posting!

I’d love to hear from MC Europe attendees… What were the big themes / takeaways this year? There always seem to be a couple recurring ideas each year.

Also interested to from folks who attended both Europe and Vegas. Biggest differences?

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Hi Brian,

I’d say the one big theme was “user onboarding” and the impact it has on adoption, churn and customer happiness.

Hi Rob.

If Rob & Mike pay for the tickets hint hint :slight_smile:
Just kidding. I doubt I will make it to Vegas again. I guess I’ll be busy with the day job and running LinksSpy.
But not to worry: There are others at MicroConf Vegas who write great notes!

Thanks again for sharing these :slight_smile:

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