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Not getting post reply notifications


My preferences are set to allow notifications but on my most recent post I was not notified about either of the replies. Is there another setting that may be overriding my apparent ones?

Come to think of it, I’m not getting other notifications or digests either. Any ideas?


Newbie here but I signed up this morning and my signup email has literally just arrived after around 8 to 10 hours (and it went into my Junk folder) so maybe there are just system email delays?


@ian just took the box out back and smacked some sense into it. Things should be better now.

Upgraded Discourse

Best. Reply. Ever.

Notifications for this post received. Thanks!


fyi - I just noticed I didn’t get any notifications to a recent thread I contributed to last week. Not sure if a box smacking is in order or if it is just me.


I was notified of your reply for this post so all seems well from here. Looks like the box gets a reprieve for now.


Yeah - We’re using “beta” software to run this forum and I made the (rookie) mistake of thinking that it wouldn’t break when I updated it. Should be all good now but shout if it’s not and I’ll investigate.


Thanks. I did get the reply to my message here so all is well. Maybe it was just a glitch since it occurred around the time of the recent upgrade.

@imsickofmaps - I saw the discourse guys reply of “it’s beta” - I guess Discourse may just be more finicky about upgrades if they allow backward-compatibility breaks across releases. Thanks for your efforts of keeping these board running!