Not another trip planner :)

I would like to present our online service for the real travelers. We’ve published it just couple days ago, so it still in beta (may be in alfa :smile: ). It’s name is Map-N-Road and it located here:

We would be glad to have some feedback on this prelaunch stage. Using our service you can create travel and then share it. We implemented just maybe 1% from our ideas so it can look a little bit poor :smile: so far. And you can ask “What is the difference between Google maps that we can use to create a route and your service?”. The answer is “nothing” haha so far. No, actually our service should be a full-functional travel planner. Maybe you already used someone, so it would be great to answer the question “What do you miss there?” Now the following features implemented:

  • Create, save and share (publish or make unlisted) your trips (for
    absolutely free!)
  • Attach links to your photos, add rich text notes,
    attach incidents with tags
  • Do very simple search on published trips
  • The route can consist of checkpoints, also you can bind them to points of interest and other checkpoints (to make for example closed loop route)
  • Add new point of interests, add some information about them, explore existing ones.

So please try to
explore our site,
explore my last Hawaii trip

Don’t forget to check our blog (see the site address /blog)!

Thanks so much!

The phrase on the button ‘create your travel’ doesn’t make sense. ‘Add your trip’ or ‘Add your travel plans’ would be better.

BTW I would never publish my travel plans with my dates and ID in advance of the trip - that would be advertising that I am not at home!

Hi Andy,
thanks for your note!
We need to think more about this text on the button. You’re right saying that this phrase doesn’t make sense, but, on other hand, when you say “add trip” you mean “I already have something, I need to add trip to it”. But actually you don’t add trip or plans to anything, you really create them from the scratch. What to do in this situation?

As for publishing your plans, probably we need to explain more - the point is you should NOT publish your plans. You CAN but you shouldn’t. The plans or route can be fully private - visible only to you - or “semiprivate” - visible to you and those with the link to your trip. Also the sense of publishing - is to share your experience what’s usually means you already did that trip and it’s not plan anymore but done trip.

Travel is a verb. So it makes no sense to say ‘Add your travel’. It just doesn’t sound right.

Hi Andy,
thanks for the explanation. I’m not native in English and don’t feel such nuances. Is “Create you trip” better or it don’t make sense either?

“Create your trip”, “Add your trip” or “Plan your trip” are fine from an English grammar point of view.

Thank you, Andy!
We are going to change this text to the “Create your trip”. Stay tuned!

As someone who spent 15 months trying to build a B2C travel planning application (albeit more in the group coordination space), just want to send a friendly “figure out your business model now” reminder. Best of luck and I’d be happy to share my experience if you want to email me at bryan [at]

Hi Bryan,
thanks for your response. I’ve sent you email.

Travel can be a verb (“I travelled to Sweden last year”) or a noun (“Travel can be a hassle”). What makes ‘add your travel’ sound wrong may be the fact that ‘travel’ as a noun is usually a mass noun (see Mass_noun in wikipedia).

English is such a mess. I’m so glad I didn’t have to learn it as a second language!