Non Profit organization: Monthly payment

Hi, I am a member of a non profit organization and I noticed that they have a very inefficient way of raising funds. They do ask community members to make monthly contributions but its very difficult. I googled for some of the options out there but could not find a good one. What do you guys use or recommend? I wanted to get your feedback before I go off running and start developing app to solve this particular pain point.


Hey there -

I do quite a bit of work with nonprofits both large and small and have used many of the platforms out there. Obviously if you want something really bare-bones, you could do something with Stripe Checkout. The only issue I see here is that you’d have to create donation “levels” and a bit of processing on the backend.

I’ve had some of my np clients use StayClassy and they seem very happy with it. It’s $99/month but usually that’s not a big deal. That platform handles all of the work so it’s just a matter of setting it up and you’re good to go.

I suppose you could also do a basic WordPress site with some kind of plugin to manage recurring billing.

Hope that helps,