Nice website for generating user guides

I stumbled upon this yesterday:

It solves a pain point I’ve had for years for Poker Copilot - user docs that are not painful to manage. It does multiple versions so that I can keep Poker Copilot 4 docs AND Poker Copilot 5 docs around, with some content shared between them. It also does multi-language pretty well.

Best of all, it has no-hassle PDF generation, where it turns my user guide pages into a nice-looking PDF. THAT has been painful to do with WordPress, my solution for user guides until now.

Looked interesting, tried to sign up for a trial - all looked to work fine but then I got redirected to:

Major UX fail! No idea why I am on in the first place and, more importantly, no idea if my account at manula is created or not (no email received) and it just sticks at the aweber page

Hi natural,

This is Alwin, owner of
The above looks like (our email system) rejects your “info@” email address. Email providers generally don’t like generic info@, support@, contact@ addresses, because email sent to addresses like that usually reach multiple people and often cause spam complaints. Not my decision, this is how Aweber protects their email deliverability.

Anyway, your account has been created and you are able to login to the admin system.

Thanks for notifying me of this problem. I agree my software should handle this exception better and I will fix this ASAP.


To follow up: here’s the first user guide I created in Manula over the weekend for our latest product:

All-in-all, a great experience. I did find a couple of things missing though: keyboard shortcuts for text formatting, and the ability format some text like HTML’s “< pre >” tag.