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Where can I get a very nice looking long format landing page. I am not a graphic designer and don’t want to hire one either. I have also looked into sites like kickofflabs , unbounce etc but nothing like that appeals to me.

I was searching on the internet and landed on this page:
I really like this landing page. Is there a way that I can get a landing page like this one already made and I just have to customize for my eBook. This page needs to be able to integrate into Wordpress blog.


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This is a place where Wordpress really shines. There are dozens of cool themes, a plugin for everything under the sun, and you have complete freedom to do what you want.

And (surprise), running Wordpress may actually be cheaper than many of these “Landing page” apps, that seem to be targeted more at marketing types. I tried a dozen of them, but found them too hard to use (Unbounce’s page design looks like an aircraft cockpit panel), too expensive ($29 a month, when I can get a full Wordpress site $5 a month?), or just too restrictive (I can’t use my own analytics, for example).

If you are short of money, go for the free page. You can always move to paid hosting once the page takes off.

Edit: Just found this:


There are several services out there that provide very nice looking (most importantly conversion tested) templates. You can customize them easily and they have integrated A/B testing tools (very important to optimize conversion). You can have a landing page up and running very fast.

Check out my blog post on the topic:

Top 5 Landing Page Builders

I hope it helps.



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Have you tried Theme Forest?

If you didn’t need the Wordpress capabilities I’d recommend HTML5UP and Wrap Bootstrap (this does have a handful of Wordpress themes).

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Themeforest looks really good. Specially for eBook… I like this theme.

I will take a detailed look later. At this moment, But I am not sure if this could easily integrated into my Wordpress blog .

Thanks for the info.

Hi Faisal, Adrian here from PyImageSearch (the website you linked to).

Out of curiosity, how did you end up on the landing page?

I used WordPress to create the website. But that actual landing page is custom HTML and CSS that I put together. I used to do a lot of design work.

If you don’t have any design experience (or design just really isn’t your thing), I definitely recommend going through ThemeForest and making a list of templates that you like. The templates aren’t expensive and they do a good job.

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Hi Adrian, my dad, Zulfiqar (MicroPrenuer academy member) told me about it. Thanks for your suggestion!!!

Awesome! What a small world. Send me an email if you want to chat more about it!

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Hi !

I recently created a small website to help authors and publishers create a free landing page for books/e-book. Having 2 books of my own I needed something like this badly. It’s currently very minimal but I’m planning to add lots more customizations within the next couple of weeks.

Check it out at and let me know what you think about it :smile:

I used theme for my eBook landing page at … What do you guys think?

Looks good… Keep up the great work.

Looks quite good now. The landing page is professional and well done.

I’m still not sure about the headline. “Why settle for Minimum wage?” still sounds like you are selling a self help course. Buy this course, and learn the ten secrets of billionaires, yours for only $399! In 12 easy installments.

Instead of selling them from fear, why don’t you focus on what people want to learn? Something like:

Did you always want to learn how to build iPhone apps, but didn’t know where to start? Learn from this course, the only book written by teenagers, for teenagers!

Start the bullet points from the 2nd one, “No prior programming experience required.”

You can add a 3rd bullet point: Go from zero to a full iPhone app in only X weeks

Give details of the types of apps you will build. If you have already built them, give links and screenshots. Try to get at least one screenshot, and/or a video that shows how and what you will build.

If you have friends who tried to build an app and failed, get quotes from them as to where they struggled the most, and then how you will fix that problem. Eg,

Quote: I struggled to get the iPhone tools installed, and get the debugger working.

*In this course, we will go step by step on how to step up your system, and how to debug any issues. *

But otherwise, good work. Well done, and good luck.

Thanks for all the great ideas. I just wanted to get the basic lay out of the page up and running. Next I need to work on better copy writing. All your suggestions are awesome and I will try to get some ideas and execute.


My dad rewrote the landing page. I appreciate the feedback. Thanks

You can try [Unbounce Landing Pages][1] here:

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