New thing: Q's to A

Based on a technique I’ve used for clients in the past, I turned a simple ruby script I had into a small (free) web app:

Essentially, when you’re stuck for something to write about, or just want to know what sorts of questions about Topic X are asked, plug in the topic and get back the Google Search Suggestions for questions (who, what, when, where, why, how to, how do) about that topic.

Also available in handy-dandy csv download for later uploading into the Keyword Planner if you want theoretical search volume.

Hope somebody other than me finds it useful. I’m already using it to brainstorm newsletter and blog post ideas.

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Nice - I’ve already gotten some valuable info from it. My first wish is to be able to get a sense for priority or volume for each, to help me narrow in. Even if it’s not specific numbers, it’d be helpful to know which questions are more popular or common.

@coreysnipes Yeah, same here. When doing this for clients, my usual next step was the take the csv and upload to the Keyword Planner to get fuzzy traffic numbers.

Not sure if there’s an API for that, though (kinda doubt it). But there might be something else out there that I can tap into.

Perfect… fuzzy is definitely good enough for me. Thanks for making this available.

Bug report:

Entered “osb” and got “Something went wrong. Please refresh and try again.”


@rfctr Fixed. Isn’t character encoding fun? Thanks for pointing it out!

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