New Seth Godin course for freelancers (with discount)

Seth’s just posted a new course on Udemy, aimed at freelancers, but I reckon there’s a ton of useful stuff for bootstrappers too…

Coupon code gets you 50% discount for a short while


Hello rwillmer!

Thanks for the tip. Did you bought it now and if, would you tell us how you like it?

A topic close to my heart!

Would love to know thoughts from anyone who’s taken this course also…

Otherwise I will be signing up myself to find out :smile:

I did buy it, won’t have chance to look at it until the weekend though.

But I’m sure it will be good, I’m a huge fan of everything Seth Godin produces

(And if you don’t know about him, he’s made his “Startup School” podcast freely available at; well worth a listen)

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Thanks for the heads up. I bought it and look forward to working through the course.