New Product-Please take a Look-Excel URL Validator

Hi Everyone,

I’m a very small mISV.I have introduced a new product Excel Url Validator

The software is intended to Validate URLs in Excel sheets in Bulk. It finds Broken Links due to Errors like 404,405,505 etc

The product is mainly intended for SEO Professionals and Web Site Owners who have hired an SEO Expert.
Using EUV,you can validate the weekly or monthly SEO Link Building Reports the SEO Professional sends you.

The software has been launched for a month.There are no queries or anything.

I was wondering what you think about the product.

-Is the intended audience too narrow?
-Is there any other tools that can do this job?
-The initial pricing was $40… brought it down to $25
-Will it succeed?

Please advice


Do you have any website traffic? If not, I’d try to work out why that is, and what you can do to change that. That’s your number 1 concern.

Do you have any competitors? If not, that’s probably a sign that there is no demand for such a product.

Pricing: super-niche products should be priced higher, not lower. But that’s irrelevant if you are not relevant traffic to your site.

Thanks for your reply.I’m working on increasing the traffic.

No idea about the market, but a couple of observations I’d make.

  1. You haven’t signed your installation program or your exe file. You’re seriously reducing the proportion of downloaders who will install and run the software if you haven’t signed the install program at the very least.

  2. You might run into a problem with the product name. We have a couple of plugins for Microsoft Office products and our naming uses “Product Name for Excel” or “Product Name for Word.” When we were naming the products there was some difficult around using the actual Microsoft product name as part of our product name. You need to be careful that you’re not looking as if you’re an official Microsoft product. The " for Word" and " for Excel" was a suggestion for names I found on an MS website that were deemed acceptable. Can’t remember all of the details, but that’s what we had to go with at the time to ensure we were making it clear our products were not Microsoft.

Thanks for your input.I will add a Declaration about Microsoft at the bottom of the website.