New product "Continuous Speed Test"

Hello, I have started a new project here:

it is a tool to continuously test quality of internet connection.
I did not work yet on web design of this webpage, UI and UX of the app. Can you please take a look?

Does the product clear to a user ? How can I clean the UI and web page? Also do you have any ideas for making money out of this app and its possible pricing?

This product could change industry of “internet speed testing” and improve overall quality of internet around the world


The site needs a lot of work on the frontend and marketing.

The main issue it is it not really clear what is the point of the site? Is it to give you a better idea of how good your internet connection is?

I personally use it is really simple to use.

Your site is very technical, I am a web developer and I don’t understand what a lot of the app does.

I think you need to get together with a UX designer to come up with a better design for the site.

You should talk to he is a nice guy and he speaks Russian as well.

That is a modest goal, I should say. :slight_smile:

A good start may be the OOKLA’s SpeedTest Enterprise:

I doubt though that you have the resources required to compete with them.

Do smaller folks ever need a continuous speed test?

Home users - probably next to never. Maybe once in a few years, and only if someone in the household is a nerd.

Small businesses - maybe some, like adding networks to POS. And even then I’d guess they just do a short test (with existing solutions).

Man, I just can’t see common enough use-cases. What you listed on the site are, methinks, odd cases happening for a few people once in a long while.

I think - not enough market.

the website contains multiple products, each with different goals. yes, to get a better idea about internet connection. I will work on UX with a designer, sure. The simplicity of all “speed tests” today hides many problems, when internet is not stable in long term. My long-term goal is to tell users “what is wrong and what to do if they have bad internet connection” - change provider, change hardware, move wifi router, etc

I understand your point, but I see that the market exists:

The Continuous Speed Test helped me narrow down a problem that had been plaguing my system for months…an intermittent failure of a wireless card on one of my computers. The card only failed - and briefly - when a significant amount of data was being transferred through it. So, I set up the Continous Speed Test on the impacted device and on a laptop connected to the same WiFi. The failures on the Speech Test were obvious and helped me trace down the problem. I swapped out the bad card and the problem was fixed! Thank you!

I’m not saying there are no cases where this test can help.

What I’m saying there are IMHO not enough cases to make it a market.

From that already small number of cases you’d be able to reach out only to a fraction, and only a fraction of them would decide to buy instead of using a one-off solution like continuous download of /dev/random.

yes, I understand, I appreciate your opinion. I will try it anyway, and kee this thread updated if anyone is interested.