New podcast - side hustle success

Just launched a new podcast with Steve Haunts, take a look;

It’s our first podcast, so be gentle, me and Steve share our first hand experiences of what it’s like to start a successful side hustle. Hope you enjoy.


Have fun running the podcast, Kevin!

Are you looking for guests to appear on your show?

Hi Christoph, yes we will be looking guest, we are hoping to be interviewing Phil from TheatreDigs for our 5th episode, but are looking for other guests, would you like to be on our podcast or do you know anyone else who would be interested?

Well, yes!

I mean: I’d love to be on the podcast - but also know people who might be interested.

What email address can I best reach you at?

The “Side Hustle” part of the name is very common among podcasts. I see about 12 with a variation of it. Maybe it worth to think of something more unique?

Thanks, there a lot of side hustle podcasts out there, so competition is bad, but it does validate the idea though I guess.

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Good luck with the podcast!

Good luck with this, @Kevin! If you don’t mind me asking, what are you hoping to achieve with this podcast? Is it simply because you want to and you can? Or as a marketing channel for your respective products?

I had a listen, although I stopped after about half an hour. Here’s my unsolicited advice: consider making the episodes half as long as the pilot! At almost an hour, I suspect few people will finish an episode.

Thank you Andy.

Thank you for the feedback Steve, we’ve recorded episodes 2 & 3 and there about 40 minutes, so hopefully easier to digest, hopefully better than the pilot. I just enjoy listening podcast, so when the opportunity arose to do one, I was yes I’ll do it, I don’t have an agenda, I just hope somebody gets some value from it, although a sponsor to cover costs would be nice.

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