New business: Landing Page Breakdowns

Last night I started a new business (my 8th business attempt). It’s called Landing Page Breakdowns.

My thinking is that I can build an audience of online business owners and eventually sell them an info product and consulting services. And in the course of exposing myself to all these different landing pages and talking with a bunch of online business owners, perhaps I’ll uncover an idea for a bigger business to do next.

I plan to do breakdowns mainly of three kinds of sites:

  • Good examples from people who know what they’re doing
  • Bad examples from big companies (because nobody is going to feel bad for them)
  • Requests from friends and readers to break down their sites

Feedback on this idea is welcome. I’m also open to ideas for sites to break down (as in evaluate and explain, not as in rip apart).

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My favorite version of a site like this is

Check out the slideshow format he uses.


Nick Hance was doing some good landing page breakdown videos and interviews. Not sure if he’s on here anymore.

I like the blog format!

I’ve been doing since January, but I’ve been focused on doing video screencasts.

So far, they’ve been some of the most popular videos on my YouTube channel.

@mijustin Ha! That in fact looks very similar to what I’m doing. I was even planning to incorporate videos into my site soon.

You obviously got to the idea first so I hope I’m not stepping on your toes.

If there’s any way we can help each other, I’m totally up for it, although given the fact that I understand you already have a sizeable audience online in general, I don’t know that there’s much I could personally do to help you.

Keep going man! You’ve got lots of great content.

Feel free to do video too! It’s a great big internet out there. Lots of room for all of us. :+1:

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