Need beta users for my Saas startup (selling platform for creators)

After long and thorough work, we’ve managed to launch an open beta of our brand new Saas tool - Hyax.

It’s essentially a Shopify-like platform that is aimed at digital entrepreneurs. So instead of selling mostly physical goods, it should appeal to content creators who want to make revenue with their digital products (courses, memberships, digital art, cosplay, and anything you imagine).

The main upside is that unlike similar services, there’s no need to Frankenstein-patch this platform with countless integrations. It’s all there, from the top to the bottom of the funnel. You don’t have to be a market or a designer, and you can still achieve perfect results.

The downside - we’re still in beta phase so there might be a lot of hidden flaws our initial testings missed.

So I’m using this post to invite all aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs to sign up to the open beta, build their stores, and use the app freely in order to scale. And of course, we appreciate reporting any issues and thoughts on how to improve it.

if you’re interested you can sign up to the beta waiting list at :slight_smile:

Thank you and once again I hope I didn’t break any rules. Looking forward to any feedback!

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