Need advice on this browser-extension concept

Hey guys, I just completed a rough copy of a website for a product I want to launch. However, I’m having a hard time explaining it. This is a scratch your own itch type of idea. Still don’t have any actual live feedback on it. That’s the next step.

However, I’d like to get your feedback and suggestions on this:

I need clearer copy but I’m wondering if what’s here makes enough sense to start showing it around.

  • I think that a screenshot under the headline would go a long way in explaining to a user what this really does - a screenshot of the browser extension working in various popular CRM softwares (you could have a slideshow of these images)
  • I feel the headline needs some work, but not being in your target market I find it hard to come up with something better. Maybe go a step above “know everything about your contacts” and ask yourself “what benefit do I get having all the customer contact information in one place” - the answer to this might reveal the best headline. It’s hard to settle on a headline without A/B testing, which is hard to do without traffic. I would look for words/sentences used by your customers (in your chats or emails with them) and see if the headline resonates with them.
  • Change the font color of the secondary headline “The browser extension that distills…” from light grey to something that is more readable
  • Change “Supports Cloud-Based Software” to something like “Supports Most Popular CRM and Payment Software”
  • Reduce the size of the supported software logos. While it looked fine on the phone, on my desktop only four rows fit on the screen at one time, leading to quite a bit of scrolling.
  • On your pricing page, make the price font stand out in the page (larger and darker color)

For the first few people that you show this to, ask them to take a look at the website without giving them any information on how this works and then ask them a series of questions to ascertain what part of your copy was understood and what was not. You may find for example a phrase like “that distills your CRM contact info” might make people stop and think about what that means and if so, you ideally want to change it to something that the customer understands almost immediately.

Do post back here when you’ve shown this to a few people and made changes. It’s really useful to the community to learn from real world examples. Especially the before and after, along with why the changes were made.

All the best!


Hey thanks for the spot on advice and the detail! I think a screenshot would go a long way, possible like you said, rotating slides of different apps.

Going to look at a few people’s responses and get back to this thread after making some changes.

Thanks again, talk to you soon.

Ok, here are changes:

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Here’s a first reaction from someone that doesn’t know if he’s in your market :slight_smile:

  • I’m a confused about what it is you’re selling - is it something I install on my crm, my laptop, or…?
  • does it work with my CRM? How do I know?
  • Actually it seems you work on all kind of apps, but you mention CRM a million times - going for keyword optimization?
  • It seems your product it not visible on the screenshot unless I scroll - I would prefer the other way (hide it when I scroll), or just looping animation
  • I don’t feel the pain you’re solving - after thinking about it, I suppose it is something along “your customer info is spread across countless applications, it is hard to get a complete picture”. You should spend some time distilling it.
  • and as a result, I don’t see clearly how you help: “we bring you a complete view of your client from any of your applications”

On the bright side, I think this is a great tool, especially for companies using multiple SaaS products.