Neat little bootstrap calculator thingie

Neat little thing.

Cheers to Bob Walsh for the link. I don’t know if he’s on this forum yet, but some of you old timers might know who he is.


As entrepreporn as it gets :slight_smile:

Of course I enjoyed “getting” hundreds of users and selling them multi-grand products. I did not even mind to use Play store for that, 30% or not!

*SaaS calculator. We need 250 customers each month for 6-digit income. :grimacing: App life!

UPD: missed the “Product” switch. Nice!

I am now! Looking forward to being part of this community.


Haha… Loved it… gave him my email, let’s see what he does with it… lol

I kind of like the model I am after… 25 customers at 600$ a month… Comfortable lifestyle business… Guess I am gettin old… lol