MySiteVitals - A simple Google Analytics dashboard sent to your inbox

Hey all -

My co-founder and I have built a Google Analytics dashboard that gets delivered to your inbox every morning called MySiteVitals –

In a nutshell, we decided that packaging the most essential metrics into an easy to read dashboard in your inbox would help open the door to GA for a much larger audience. And so MySiteVitals was born.

We’d love for you to check out the site (and even sign up - it’s currently being offered FREE!) and get your feedback.




Hey Jeff, just gave it a try—nice and easy, good work. :smile:

I actually built a very similar product, for the same reason (it’s something I needed):

Feel free to give it a try and draw some inspiration for your own.

Some suggestions:

  • Add a way to delete the account.
  • Add some smoothing for charts that are spikey, like bounce rates. Maybe a 3-7 day rolling average?
  • I like your mobile breakdown chart, but I’d love to see that long-term over time (one of the reports I’m working on does this, but it’s not launched yet).
  • Strip out “noisy” results, like referrals with just 1 visit. One of the biggest things I wanted out of Briefmetrics is to cut away the noise, so I’ve focused a lot on this.

Good luck! Let me know if I can help, feel free to shoot any questions my way. :slight_smile: