My 'start your own software business' training course

I am planning to run my ‘start your own software business’ training course again this year. It is an intensive weekend course, at a hotel in my home town of Swindon (in the UK), probably in September. It is aimed at people who want to start (or at an early stage of starting) a software company selling desktop or web software. It builds on my 10 years of experience running my own software company and consulting to other software companies.

I know a lot of courses are online now. But I think you get more from face-to-face training. More intensive. More interactive. Less distractions. Also you get to meet other people in the same boat.

I have run the course twice before and the feedback was very positive.

You find out more and read comments from previous attendees here:

Email me if you are interested. Happy to answer any questions by email or in this thread.

PS/ I asked Ian and Andrey’s permission before posting this.

By selling web software you mean saas or self-hosted?

Either. I believe the essential business aspects (marketing, support, legal etc) of running a desktop (Windows or Mac) or web (SAAS or on-premise) software business are largely the same. Obviously the technical issues are different, but I won’t be covering that in any depth.

Also the course isn’t aimed at people writing games or mobile software. That is a very different type of business.