My setup for using Twitter without hating it

In October, I was getting back to my independent projects after a long sabbatical. I wanted to start building my new app in public and keep in touch with other indie makers, but almost all of this happens on Twitter. Before I semi-abandoned this platform multiple times because it was too energy-consuming.

So I tried various approaches and ended up with a whole article on how to use Twitter in a way that does not affect your well-being:

I also made a small tool to measure the tweeting speed of your Twitter lists and their members: Listometer

Hope it will be useful!


Ivan, this is exactly the kind of information I scour the internet for. Thanks for writing this up. I look to give your strategy a try.

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Julian shapiro made a great thread about his Twitter setup a few weeks ago, super interesting!

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This is good advice. I think it can be boiled down to “use a third-party client” — you will get a much better experience if you avoid the stuff that Twitter is pushing down users’ throats. I’ve been using Tweetbot for years, and I’m happily in control of my timeline, get things chronologically, do not get any “recommended for you” stuff, and I can also easily mute/filter.

Basically, any third-party client will provide an experience that is totally different from the “official” one.

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I guess you are right, I don’t use Twitter on mobile devices because it becomes too addictive for me when used there (“one more check before going to sleep”). But my other main point is “mute/unfollow everything mildly annoying.” :relieved: It could be a personal problem too, but before I engaged in “digital hoarding” out of FOMO and tolerated unpleasant content longer than I should.