My revised eBook landing page

We revised the landing page for my iPhone programming eBook.

Please take a look,

I appreciate any feedback. Please register to get discount and free chapter.



I like the layout of the site - easy to read, easy to follow blocks.

I don’t understand the first header though. The first thing you read on the site is “Is your Teen …” - is this a site aimed at parents who want to get their kids into iOS programming (if so, how big is that market for that?!). The rest of the site seems to be aimed at teenagers - but I’m not target market for that (30-something :-)), so to be honest, once I realised that its aimed at teens, and not me (and I don’t have a teenager I want to do iOS programming) I backed out.

Have you done any feedback sessions with your target market?


Yes. The landing page is targeted towards the parents. Since they are the ones with $$$. But the book is for the Teens. Did not get a chance to talk to parents with teenage kids. We are just going with a concept that there are parents out there who want their teens to get into iOS programming.

Is it not more likely that a teen will want to get into iOS programming and ask their parents to buy it? A/B test it :slight_smile:

Sorry to sound like a broken tape, but I still dont like your heading.

“Is your teen confused by programming books?”

Does the teen read hundreds of books a day? In which case yes, he is confused. The solution is not to buy another book, but get him to practice more.

Since you are targeting parents, you should focus on something positive. Like

“The best book on programming, for teenagers, by a teenager”

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My sister and I are going through a couple of objective-C and xCode books and they sure are boring. We will try to play with headline a bit more. And thanks for all the suggestions…

Harsh truth of life: 95% of programming books are boring. Really boring. Which is why video casts are becoming popular.

One reason books are boring is because they try to cover every possible option, and end up looking like man pages. When you write the book, make sure you don’t make the same mistake. :smile:

That’s the idea. We are blogging and noting down how to explain those boring concepts in fun way.

I think your copywriting needs improving, check out this link

Thanks … I will check it out.

What’s the price? How do I buy it? Is it done? Are you still writing it? What if I don’t want a sample chapter? What if I want you to shut up and take my money?

I realize it’s incredibly difficult to do this with your own work, but read through your landing page as if you know nothing about the book. What questions would you have? What is unclear? Do you trust the seller?

You have a nice enough start, you just need to keep refining what you’ve got until it’s incredibly clear what it is, why your customers should care, what it costs, and what action you want them to take.

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Thanks Brian!!! sorry for late reply. Appreciate your feedback.