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My name is Timothy, of MPC


Hi there! We at MPC are in the business of adding mystery to people’s lives, allowing people to send their loved ones customized, temporarily anonymous experiences. These usually take the form of one or more items received by mail that tell a story in which the recipient is the hero. We have been described by some as a single-person alternate reality game.

My part in this is to ensure the online experience for our members is as enjoyable as possible on the technical, marketing and customer service fronts, as well as ensuring quality control. I have extensive experience in both design and coding, and I’ve picked up some marketing and copywriting along the way.


Cool idea! Applied. :slight_smile:


Very cool idea! Welcome to the forum, Tim.


Ha, love it! Reminds me of CRS from The Game. Great movie BTW.

I’ve signed up, hoping I get in :smile:


Thanks for the kind words.

We are big fans of The Game at MPC. Indeed, the details page of our site quotes it outright: “First, admit to yourself that it sounds intriguing.” Perhaps one day we can do something that elaborate. :slight_smile:

I have fast-tracked membership for people who have applied via this forum.