My first Saas product - Cron Monkey

I just released the first version of my first saas product.

Its an easy way to create/run cron jobs online. Its super light weight so far (v1). Took me about a month to make after hours. Let me know what you guys think? Feedback and feature requests are welcome. Particularly from people who use cron jobs online.


Is there supposed to be a link??

Oops missed the link. cronmonkey (dot) com


What does it do? I don’t get it. :slight_smile:

Nah, I think I understand. I remember seeing people cron’ing curls to PHP scripts, etc. I’m guessing this is to do something similar? It would probably be worthwhile going into a bit more detail as to why you’d use this service or what problems it can solve.

First of all, congratulations on launching and asking for feedback. Most folks never get here.

Now for some suggestions in no particular order -

  • Have a simple “How it works” page with a link at the top.
  • Home Page - instead of showing “” inside
    the textbox, enter something like
    "" - this will instantly
    tell users that they can execute their cron scripts from here. Having there is confusing.
  • Pricing Page - Remove the free plan. Ideally you want to validate this as soon as
    possible. You want to know whether people will pay $X/year and you want to know what $X is. If the
    justification for the free plan is to let people try the service,
    you are better off letting people have a long trial - 30 to 60 days
  • Increase your pricing - pricing should be based on the value provided and not how much it costs you to provide the service. If I am depending on your service to run my cronjobs for me, I definitely expect to pay much more than $0.83/mo and if I am not ready to pay you more than $0.83/mo, then you definitely do not want me as a customer. You can always A/B test prices. I prefer starting with a price much higher than I feel comfortable with and then lowering it only after 10 potential customers have said that it is too high. [If a large number of people are not complaining about your price being too high, it is too low]
  • Pricing Page - Daily executions for the Pro Plan is 10,800. I spent a few minutes trying to figure out why that specific number. You do not want your customers to be spending brain cycles on this. Just round it down to 10,000 or if it is calculated based on one cron every 10 mins or something like that, then you can simply say exactly that - “one cron every x min”
  • Pricing Page - Have a small help icon next to each of the features list on the pricing page. I’m not sure what daily executions means, especially with relation to minimum interval. I suspect one of them is redundant to have,
  • Let user try your service with the least number of hurdles - When a user enters a url on your homepage and clicks the CTA button, you can execute the script, instead of asking him to signup. Once the script has executed and he sees the result, you can then ask him to signup in order to save the results (or url). You can also then change the CTA button text to “Run Script” (or something more applicable).

I’d charge $10/month not $10/year for this. Or $1 per 1000 cron jobs.