My first "info product" a course on getting started with Stripe

Hey everyone, my day job as a teacher allows me to take on a side project during the summer months. The last two summers I worked on my SAAS product SubmitBox. This summer I decided I want to create an online course. After some back-and-forth, I decided on creating a course about using Stripe. I use Stripe for SubmitBox’s recurring billing, and I’m a huge fan of what they’re doing.

Anyway, if you’re interested in using Stripe with one of your projects, I’ve created a 50% off coupon for members of this site. Use the link below to get the discounted price.

Nice work! SubmitBox looks really nice. My app (JiffyDecider) works in a similar problem space – organizing workflow around session submissions for conferences. I also use Stripe for everything and love it. How do you like udemy?

Hi Corey. I’ve enjoyed using Udemy so far. They have a pretty simple and clean UI for their backend and they even created a course image for me at no cost when the simple image I originally submitted didn’t meet their standards (graphic design isn’t one of my strong suits).

How is your app doing? Are you getting sales?

Nice! Sounds like a great company. My app’s in beta right now, and fairly quiet. I’m doing a lot of consulting work at the moment to pay down some debt, so I’m not actively pushing it or adding features. I’ve gotten a good reception and a lot of useful feedback from my early users, so just using that to move it forward a little bit at a time.