My bootstrapped product made it on Product Hunt today. PushForms

Hi fellow bootstrappers. Woke up today and my product made it on Product Hunt: PushForms. I will do a full introduction later this week and recap to help out.

As it stands now we got around 100 trial users.

  • Jeff

Congrats! Cannot wait to know more about your process.

Website is looking gorgeous, your platform seems to be well done!

Thanks, should be interesting to see how the startup crowd takes to a tool with a real business use case.

Based on current usage Product Hunt trials seem to have created about 15% of what we call active trials (created a form, submitted a form, installed the application).

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Good stuff! Did you have someone list it or what was your approach to getting it on PH?

It was completely by chance. I posted another product and someone must have looked at my profile since I just added it to my twitter account and personal webpage the day before.

Congratulations Jeff. I looked at your website and it’s very clean and well designed.
I’m in the process of redesigning mine. Would you mind if I get in touch with you privately for a few tips. Thanks a lot.

Congrats! Your website looks really good.

Nagar, Happy to help you out.

The website UI/UX looks fantastic and the execution on the product itself (via what is shown on said website) looks well done. More than that, with the right exposure I believe it is a solid business idea. In fact, I had a similar idea in my back pocket. Now I know someone out there went and did a proper job on it; kudos!