Mutual code review

Wonder if any other solo bootstrappers out there might be interested in some code review. I miss getting my code reviewed back when I was on a team. Also kind of miss reviewing code!

I’ve been feeling the same pain, but with extra irony since I run However, I don’t think that reviewing code on random other projects would be very effective, since a large part of a good code review is assessing how well the design fits the requirements (requiring a deep understanding of the domain and product) and follows past design and architectural decisions (requiring knowledge of what came before). There actually used to be a site for asking random folks for code reviews ( but it never got much (any?) use and seems to have gone offline in the last few months…

Hah! I love it! I also love the idea of improving github code review. Last time I was on a team we used the atlassian code review tool. Things like marking a comment as read/unread and the way they handled diffs were huge for me.

GitHub feels like a mess to me for code review.

Agree that reviewing random projects wouldn’t be ideal. I was imagining a scenario where you had a long term relationship with a single other person so that over time you got familiar with their app.

Still perhaps less ideal than a full time team member who is deeply familiar with the app. But it could work. And I’d be willing to give it a shot to find out.