Multiple related products, single landing page. Good idea?

Hello, I’m new here but been lurking in the depths for a while…

We have multiple-related products that produce cross-platform encrypted documents. Our current landing page is somewhat general in its approach and briefly highlights 4 products, each having the ability to drill-to their own specific landing page.

It’s worth noting that one of the products accounts for 70%+ of sales, with this in mind, would you keep the general approach or specialise in the most successful product and cross-sell the others at various points in the checkout funnel?

Here the landing page:

Hi Steve,

That looks like a homepage, which I’d think would make the decision more difficult.

How are most people landing on your ‘landing’ page? Is it through PPC or something else?

Also, I’m a bit curious about your current visitor numbers and monthly sales volume, after looking at your page.

Have you ever done split testing of your value headline? I’d bet it could be improved significantly. But you have to have enough transaction volume to be able to properly test it.


The headline is currently in test (2 weeks) so I don’t have any decent numbers for comparison yet. But, and its a big BUT. As a developer, I always find the copy-writing the hardest part, I really should hire someone :smile: any takers, recommendations?

In terms of numbers, we’re getting about 1-2k unique visitors per month via PPD and direct searches [for Kruptos 2], however, conversions would probably be considered high at around 10%. The numbers to the lading pages don’t tell the whole story as we have around 50+ direct installs of the Windows version per day, typically these are via download sites.

Naturally, or software is very good and has gained a very good reputation over the 12 years its been available… :wink:


So if you’re getting 1-2k unique visitors per month with a 10% conversion rate, that means you are getting ~100-200 buys from the website and 50*30 = ~1500 buys outside of the website per month?

Are the off-website direct installs all trials? If so, what is the trial to paid conversion rate, approximately? What approximate percentage of your revenue do the off-site direct installs account for?

If the off-site downloads account for significantly more revenue, maybe there are better places to optimize than the website headline.

In my experience the best copywriting comes not straight from clever wordplay, but first from deeply understanding the pains and fears of people in your audience.

I’m good at helping software sellers (usually SaaS, to be honest) to do research and analyze research to understand audience motivations, and then craft copy or a value proposition that impacts revenue.

I only do paid revenue optimization work with businesses if it’s clear I can get them a positive ROI. (i.e. they make a lot more money than what they spend on me).

Your business sounds like it could be big enough that an increase in revenue of, say, 25% would have a large impact on your bottom line, but I’d have to have more dialog to be sure!

Either way I love to talk about the software business and would be happy to bounce a couple of ideas around with you. DM me if you’d like to do a quick chat.

If you’re looking for a copywriting specialist I’m probably not your guy, but I could point you in the right direction.