Monthly Bootstrapper/Micropreneur Lunch in Denver

I’m hosting a monthly lunch in Denver for software bootstrappers & micropreneurs. 3rd Wednesday of each month, 11:30 at Amatos (the LoHi brew pub by the I-25 pedestrian bridge). It’s the same spot that a few of us had dinner with @robwalling earlier this year.

The first one is next month, August 20th.

Format is:

  • Introductions
  • Round table checkin with each attendee (each person mentions a challenge they’re wrestling, or a resource they’ve found useful – and everyone in the group gets a chance to respond)

Everybody’s busy, so we’ll do our best to keep it to an hour. Basically, and in-person mastermind group with food and beer!

(cc @daverodenbaugh)

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This sounds great; I wish I lived in Denver.

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Thanks for planting the seed when you were in town!

If only it were a couple weeks earlier! I’ll be visiting Denver the second week of August. Best of luck with the meetup!

That’s a shame! If you’re anywhere near downtown during your trip, be sure to check out Little Man Ice Cream. It’s a great spot in a hip neighborhood, walkable from downtown with great views of the city. Plus, ice cream! There are loads of other great restaurants right around there too, & a couple of breweries.

Thanks, Corey! :thumbsup:

Which brewery would you most recommend for a tour?

Great idea - most of the small ones will give you a tour if you just ask, and are there at an off-peak time. Prost, Denver Beer Company, Our Mutual Friend, Renegade, and Epic are all small and pretty close to downtown. Coors (short drive to Golden) is enormous and the tour is really interesting. If you find yourself up in Fort Collins for any reason, the New Belgium tour is great. There’s a little bit of brewery tour schedule info here.

Awesome, thanks. :thumbsup:

@coreysnipes Hi, we are thinking about doing a similar meetup in the East Midlands (UK), do have any tips on how to run a successful group?

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Hey @Kevin ask me again in six months! We’re just holding our first event this month, so time will tell. Personally, I tend to favor groups that have a structured format, and that take steps to keep Long Talkers from monopolizing the conversation.

If you can keep the conversation reasonably focused then your best people will keep getting value, and keep attending. I’m planning to follow this Bootstrappers Breakfast format: and I thought I’d limit the group size to 12 or 15, at least to start.

I’m glad to hear you’re putting this together. Let me know how it goes!

The first Denver Bootstrappers Lunch is in the bag! We had a nice group and some great conversations.

I definitely recommend the Boostrappers Breakfast discussion format for keeping the conversation useful, giving everyone a chance to speak. If you’re clear about the format up front, It also makes it really easy for the host to keep the conversation on track & keep talkative people from monopolizing.

I also recommend using Meetup (even though it costs $$) – lots of great organizer tools there, and most tech/business types are using Meetup already.

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