Mobile vs desktop signups

Our app is primarily a desktop (web based saas) app, not mobile friendly or responsive. But we get a lot of people who sign up for a trial on their phone and going into the non responsive app on their phone is not idea and probably confusing. How do people handle this? Currently I tell them they should activate their account on a PC but a number do ignore this.

Is it something you could actually write a responsive version for, or is it just a non-starter on mobile?

Our website is responsive so that is fine, it is just the app itself that is not, so when they click the activate link it takes them to a non-responsive app on their phone. It is not realistic to change it in the short term, it would literally takes years of development.

That’s a bit of a problem. The approach I’ve seen for apps that do not have a responsive version ('im looking at you Whimsical) is a notice that the app is only available on desktop computers. It’s annoying, but at least it puts a stake in the ground.

In the long run you may want to consider fixing this if you get a lot of people that sign up from mobile.


It does sound similar to what we do, give them a message saying to activate the account on their PC not phone. Rebuilding the app responsive is not really viable medium term.

Is there any benefit to letting them use it on their phone?

Define “a lot” in percentage

Maybe 30% of signups are on their phone.