Mini-rant about Stripe and EU VAT

Interesting — I looked closely at their service in 2016, and determined that it doesn’t solve all problems correctly, and introduces some new problems that I didn’t have before. Wrote some integration code, discovered a number of issues, and figured that all in all, it wasn’t worth the effort of maintaining an integration.

Things must have improved since then.

When I check my Fastspring payments, the currency conversion cost is surprisingly low (less than 1%). I get paid directly in euro, and Fastspring says that it depends on the banks how the currency conversion costs are.

Stripe’s refusal to support EU VAT properly is beginning to box us into a corner.

I’ve been looking at SCA, and it turns out Stripe Checkout supports it. Great. But not so great: Checkout doesn’t support EU VAT information collection (address and so on).

Something like Quaderno solves EU VAT, but not, it seems, SCA (at least my web searching didn’t turn anything up).

So the only way is to use the Stripe Customer Intents API.

It feels like each new regulatory requirement narrows the field of options. I hope we don’t eventually run out of options to take payments!

Which issues does it create for you if you use Stripe Customer Intents API?

I recently asked Quaderno about their support for SCA. Their answer:

we are currently preparing our checkout for SCA, and it will be ready this summer

Other than time expended (three hours and counting), not a great deal I suppose…