MicroConf Europe 2019

It looks like the speaker schedule has been finalised for MicroConf Europe 2019

When: 20–22 October 2019


I believe there are still tickets available.

I’ve heard very good things about the venue and hotel, with every room having views over the Adriatic Sea. Someone told me it is easily the nicest MicroConf venue ever.

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Have heard the same about the venue.
Really looking forward to it.

I’m organizing dinners (open to every attendee) on Sunday & Monday, if anyone reading this is interested, please sign up here: https://forms.gle/njFCezQ7MApJW1j16

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I considered going but it was $929 for the ticket alone it’s expensive. Are there any other good software meetups in Europe?

and you also need to stay in the conference hotel …
My feeling is microconf is becoming less and less micro.

My personal favourite is https://businessofsoftware.eu/, usually held somewhere in the UK, most recently in Cambridge. But it is not much cheaper.

I sometimes go to cheaper conferences here in Barcelona but they seem to involve product pitches more than helpful presentations. This makes me suspect that the economics of running a good conference requires charging several hundred dollars per ticket.

10 years ago bootcamp meetups were all the rage but I suppose it is easier to monetise a conference. I might try to organise something local on meetup.com

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