Microconf Europe 2015

Anybody here coming to Microconf 2015 in Barcelona?

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Yes! I arrive late Sunday Afternoon and leave on Tuesday Evening.

Yes, I will probably arrive on the evening of the 30th and leaving 2 September. Our week-long team meetup in Avignon finishes on the 30th, so it seemed to fit well. :wink:

I’m going. Not sure about arrival/leaving dates yet but I think Sat-Wed morning.

I’m going. Will probably arrive Friday and leave several days after the conference.

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My five year plan is that I’m going to Microconf. Not this year though :disappointed:

Am I going to Microcon Europe 2015? NO! Microconf is coming to me - I live in Barcelona.

I hope to meet as many of you as possible while you are in my adopted hometown. For those who arrive early or leave late, I’ll maybe arrange a meetup.


I’m looking forward on seeing Barcelona :slight_smile: My wife will come along using the “Better Half” Ticket as well…

We think about flying in 2 days early to visit the city first.

Yep I’ll be going with my other half. Between us we run a number of self-sustaining bootstrapped tech startups so we’re hoping to learn and share a lot. @SteveMcLeod if you do arrange a meetup, count us in :smile:

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I will be there! Arriving on Sunday and leaving Wednesday morning.

I’ll be there. Arriving on Sunday afternoon and leaving on Wednesday. Looking forward to meet you.

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I’m definitely on board, looking forward to meet you all!

Not sure about the dates yet. Kudos to Rob and Mike for the new place/time, certainly makes the trip very desirable!

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I’m going. I will arrive during the weekend. Looking forward to meet you all!!

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I’m coming! Haven’t been to Barcelona since I was a student, really looking forward to seeing how it’s changed.

Arriving Sunday, leaving Thursday.

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I’m coming. Will even be speaking there :-))

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I’ll be there too, looking forward to meeting everyone who’s going! I attended back in 2013 and the best part by far was the interaction with other attendees—the talks were good, but the conversations were better :wink:

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I’m going to arrange the pre-Microconf Bootstrapped meetup to be on Sunday 30th August from 7pm to 9pm, at a venue to be decided, somewhere near Plaça (pronounced plaza) Catalunya.

That’s on the same metro line as the conference venue, for those staying there.

Great idea! But this may conflict with the official welcome reception?
“Our Welcome Reception will take place on Sunday, August 30th at around 7:00 PM”

Oops…didn’t see that. Looks like my meetup is cancelled!

If anyone is looking for a MC ticket, shoot me an email. I’ve had to change plans. travis@brightagency.net