Microconf Europe 2014

Is anyone here going to Microconf Europe this year? Could be fun to organise something either end if people are there earlier or staying longer.

I’m speaking so will be there. Arrive on Sunday and fly out on the Wednesday.

I’ll be there. Arriving early Sunday, flying out early Wednesday. Would love to catch up!

I’m flying out early Sunday as well, from Luton.

I’m flying out from London Heathrow on Sunday (BA 11am flight) and flying back on Tuesday evening. Happy to share a taxi to/from Prague airport if anyone else is flying at the same time.

I thought long and hard about it. I had a great time last year, really enjoying the talks and especially meeting everyone. It’s one of the best conferences I’ve ever been to.

But when I put on my homo-economicus hat, I can’t justify the expense. Since my bootstrapped project is still not my main source of income, the limiting factor for me is really time, not clever ideas of how to do things better, which generally tend to filter out onto the internet anyway.

I’m really envious of everyone going, though, have a great time!

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Is it me or does the European conference not seem as popular this year? I seem to remember it usually (both US and EU) selling out quite quickly. There’s still 11 tickets this time around…

I have the same feeling about it.

I’ll arrive saturday afternoon/evening and will leave on wednesday.

We are organizing a dinner on monday (in between the conference and the networking party). You can register here (Limited availability): https://ti.to/microconf-dinner/microconf-dinner-2014/

I’m also open to some fun/leisure activity on sunday. I know that there are quite a few shooting ranges - so that could be fun.

I think we might be on the same flight - BA852 leaving from T3?

If so would be great to share a cab :smile:

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That’s the one. Sharing a cab would be good. I will email you my mobile number.

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I love bringing people together!


That might be fun. As long as we don’t go anywhere that British stag parties go! Is there somewhere not too far from the hotel?

I just had another look and there’s a wealth of options ranging from skydiving to paintball to firing ranges.
A lot of fun activities to pick from.
Anything you’d prefer?

Actually, going to a firing range would be great as long as it is properly run. This one is about 7km from the hotel and they will pick you up:

Has good reviews in trip advisor:

Might be difficult to coordinate with people arriving at different times though. Anyone else feel like exploring their inner Rambo?

I’m in for the firing range.
We should agree on a package, find a few people who are interested and contact them for a price.
Maybe we can have a custom package. I would <3 to shoot the sniper rifle.

Package 10 at the place I linked includes the sniper rifle.

If it is for Sunday afternoon, count me in. I am surprised how cheap it is given how much my father pays for rifle ammunition here in the UK. And it looks like the prices get cheaper for 4+ people.

I’m going and I’ll be around from… Well, now basically, but I won’t be in town Saturday and Sunday until the evening. If anyone is stranded in Prague after the conference and wants to walk around or get lunch Wednesday morning, ping me.

I have it on good authority that the range is pretty good but that the ammo runs out too quickly. :frowning:

I’m also coming to the conference this year.

I actually live in Prague (hi @chriskottom), so if I can help someone with information or something, let me know.

Regarding the shooting range, I do not know this one. I used to go to a different one in the center a few years ago: http://www.avim.cz/index.php?pg=home&lg=en. It was OK, nothing great. It was cheap and in the center, though.

I can completely recommend this indoor skydiving arena, though. It is an awesome experience while completely safe, and the people running it are fluent in English and very nice.

Another fun activity that I think is cheaper in Prague could be flying in a real commercial flight simulator. You get a basic introduction to flying commercial jets (Airbus 320), and then get to actually fly one in a real commercial simulator.

I had a go at indoor skydiving in the UK a few years ago. It was fun. But hard on your abs+back!

Website says the range is ‘TEMPORARILY CLOSED’.