MicroConf 2018 - going?

I got my tickets a couple of days ago, at great expense to the management. Actually, the tickets are just a small part of the $$$ - I’m travelling from Sydney, Australia so my total cost investment will be well north of USD 10k (costs plus lost income) but … it’s time! I am launching tvCAD & CAD replace on May 13 and I have until the end of next year, when my youngest ankle-biter starts school, to sort out where we will live, my freelance routine etc. for the duration of their school lives. Yah, it’s time.

There are a couple of threads over at Indie Hackers on who is going with lots of resources too.

and @mijustin has a Google sheet of attendees and a great Tips and Guide post. He is MC-ing the Starter Edition. I dunno, he’s so shy :wink:

I plan on arriving a couple of days early to unjetlag and hopefully meet a few of us and/or see the big ditch again (I will book flights in the 1st week of April). I am going to both conferences because it’s on the other side of the world so why not? I may also do a side-trip or 2 in the USA if I jag a lucrative meetup or interesting broadcast facility tour because other side of the world.

You going?


Yes, off to the starter edition. You and I have tweeted though. (Fat old English bloke :joy: ).

I’m rather knowledgable of interesting broadcast facilities too. I’ll ping you an email sometime later.

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I’m going! If you’re a member here be sure to say hi!

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Going! (growth)

@ian growth or starter?

Growth! You always make the pilgramidge!

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That is the most apt way of putting it, for sure.